Am si eu un blog.

Uhm, I have a blog. And I promised loads of people that I’m gonna keep it updated. Obviously, I have no idea what to write about, so I’ll just go on and ramble as much as I can. So, here’s my (messy, weird) life at the moment.

I have a 3 in physics, yet I adore that guy. Still haven’t figured out how in the world is that possible, but, well, I guess I’m a bit odd when it comes to adoring stuff.

I finally found out why people talk about different lives and rebirth/reincarnation and all that shit. And it’s all cause now I’m happy, and aware that I’m happy just as long as I can keep old stuff as behind as I can πŸ™‚ And dude, that was long ago. It’s like walking away from something and when you come back, it’s simply not yours anymore. Whatever that was, I can’t perceive it as ‘myself’ anymore.

And still, I’m kinda happy. Because I love. Yup, I do. I love something or someone. I have no idea what or who. But I love it wherever I can find it. Whether it’s a cup of tea with ginger and cinnamon or the awful pain in my fingers. I’m obsessed with a Scheweppes bottle, because I once dreamt it and it was one of the sexiest dreams I ever had. I’ve once watched The Village every day for like two weeks. And, seriously, it’s a lame love-story wannabe-thriller. The only decent thing in its production was the soundtrack. But I adore the movie – I adore what I see reflected in it.

I screwed up the English contest, which was quite silly of me, as it’s one of the few things I’m (slightly) good at. I’m not sure I care.

Also, I’ve written some poems (which are very wicked, morbid and so on, but at least they, well, exist). I wanna draw and I will, if I ever find the time. My latest masterpiece consists of a llama holding a banner. Kewl, huh? I’m writing 2 Guns N’Roses fanfics, I’m writing what some might know as “The Llama Story II”, I’m gonna start writing a novel in November, I have like 10 ideas for new poems in my head. It’s kinda hard to make ends meet, you know.

I’ve seen old friends and met new ones. I absolutely adore my new classmates, their huggly-hippie attitude, their huge brains πŸ˜› and their strange…warmness. Which is kinda hard to name, describe, whatever, but it’s a sexy feeling. I guess.

I wanna get back to reading the Dark Tower, which is absolutely brilliant btw. People, go buy it and read it. It rocks. It rocks everything-you’ve-ever-read-before’s socks. πŸ˜›

I love Axl Rose’s nose. I really really do. I think I’m gonna print a huge pic of it and put it on my wall so I can stare at it. Seriously, I simply adore it. Can’t explain why.

I don’t know where I am, I don’t know if I am, actually, and it feels like I should wake up any time now. Since the summer holiday, I felt like walking ahead without looking back. Guess that will come soon enough. Till then, I’ll live in my adorable world, full of adorable things, cause, God, I’m in love with stuff.

Oh, I wanna wish Happy birthday to a very good friend. And thank you for so so so much. You’re one of the persons that make life adorable when it gets too hard to bear.


(aye, Grazy, that’s a Becks. Credits to whoever posted it on deviantart :D)



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3 responses to “Am si eu un blog.

  1. pirateonion

    “I have a 3 in physics, yet I adore that guy.” >> quite funny and silly from my part that i’m not in Sava , but I adore him too =))

    “Because I love. Something. I have no idea what or who.” >> uhuum.

    “Whether it’s a cup of tea with ginger and cinnamon or the awful pain in my fingers”.>> Oh God! Carturesti. Hot.Hot. My poor fingers. [hot tea, ntz ntz ]

    “I screwed up the English contest, which was quite silly of me,” >> haha! The 1st hour I slept, then in half an hour I done it so go figure my grade xD. Quite silly of me that I’m in that UNIIITEEED high-school xD.

    “I absolutely adore my new classmates” – *sighs* *disappointed* *kinda sad* >:P. [full stop]

    “I wanna get back to reading the Dark Tower, which is absolutely brilliant btw.” – :”> :”>. Ok, ok. When I have tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. I’ll read it . [ never.]

    “(aye, Grazy, that’s a Becks.” – no shit. Swettie. I have a bad feeling when i see that bottle. Dude, at least today we had teaaaa. When Ac Milan will play and ProTv or whatever/whoever shows us that gorgeous team [kaka :x] playing… I’ll invite you at me for a night [=)))))))))] of beer and laughing. πŸ˜€

    Nice new skin btw and the banner. Congrats :->.

    I’m soooooooooooooooooooo tired. And instead studying at Logics/Biology/Frrench/Chemestry/ Info/ Geography for tomorrow, I’m writing here so be my guest to thank me and tell how much you love me =)) :D.

    Happy Birthday to John..again! maybe he reads your blog.

    Take care >:D< ,


  2. *insert name here* dupa cum iti place tie sa zici

    urasc engleza. nu stiu daca ti-am mai spus cat urasc eu engleza. asa ca o sa-ti las fidbec(MUHAHA. observa evidenta scriere gresita.haha.)in minunata noastra limba.
    bun. deci, toata lumea care e de acord ca gav e absolut genial sa ridice manaa……*6 miliarde de oameni ridica mana*. 6. ca nota mea la fizica.(ha.)
    eu stiiiu pe cine iubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesti si stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuu. adica…stiiiiuuuuuuuuuu. (BWAHAHAHAHA-vezi, mai schimb rasurile)
    pe bune? durerea de degete era de la ceai? si eu care credeam ca de la chitara….CHI TA RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ummm, ring a phooxkin` lil` bell?
    mda, cum sa nuuuuu….de fapt, nu am nici un raspuns istet la asa ceva…
    ah, ba da, am : YOMUSTBEFUXKINKIDDKINGME. ca de obicei, te SUBestimezi.
    hihahihahiiii. sunt si eu pe acolo? llama-ish laugh.

    slash is HOT.
    si, apropo, daca voi veni la scoala plina de funingine, sa stii ca am incercat sa-mi salvez chitara din focul MAARE din spatele blocului.
    nu, acum, serios, am innebunit-o pe mama week-endul asta zdranganind la ea si leganandu-ma si urland ` WHERE DO WE GO WHERE DO WE GO NOW?` asa ca ma astept s aimi faca o surpriza.
    POTPOTPOT sa imprumut chitara ta? asa-i ca mi-o dai?

    avem test la chimie. si romana. dudisch.muta-te cu miine *puppy eyes*
    nice llama, apropo.
    si hepi bidei lui john, chiar daca nu il cunosc.
    dragoste si pace, copilule, dragoste si pace .

  3. Animaliciul98

    Hai ca incepi sa scrii din ce in ce mai binae πŸ˜›

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