Boo. Asa cum am promis (cred) mai demult, o sa scriu un review despre Artmania. Ma rog, de fapt voi copia unul pe care l’am scris pentru o prietena si va trebui sa fiti fericiti cu asta. E in engleza, imi pare rau, nu ma pot chinui sa’l traduc. Imi cer scuze pentru engleza mea.

The whole thing started on the 17th, with Tristania.
Before the gig I managed to meet Tuomas, Marco and Emppu. I got autographs from Tuomas and Marco. It was nice, but we didn’t take any pictures.
Anyway, back to Tristania. There were only about 200-300 people when they played – maybe because it was the first band, maybe because they’re not so famous, I don’t know.
I couldn’t tell you the setlist, but I found this on a website:

World Of Glass
The Wretched

I’m pretty sure it’s wrong. I don’t remember Libre (they might’ve played it, ofc, but I don’t remember it), and I’m sure they played Angellore, Beyond the Veil and that new thing, The Emerald Piper. I also THINK they played Sacrilage, but I had only heard the song once before the show, so I’m not sure. No Tender Trip On Earth :(.
I liked Mary a lot – her outfit sucked (imo) but her voice is really good. They had to play all the high parts from tape, but she sang along, a bit more ‘rough’ but still good. I agree with those who said that technically she’s better than Anette. She can sing in that operatic way – obviously not as good as Vibeke – but she’s good. She also worked with the audience, as few as we were.
The big fat bald dude (which I assume was Kjetil? I must admit I have no idea) was really nice. I would’ve preferred Osten, he was my favourite band member, but this dude was really nice as well.
And yeah, Anders is hot. Like. hot. I was on the right side of the stage, so I kept staring at him. I daresay he looks better with shorter hair. He was obviously the bandleader, the dude who kept everything going. He seemed continuously dissatisfied with the audience. He first said “Promise me you’ll rock really hard” – and everyone did, on Beyond the Veil, and then some other song came and the atmosphere obviously changed a bit and he went all “you didn’t keep your promise ” and he kept saying that after the following songs. He was also blatantly drunk, and kept drinking during the show. He kept stumbling around, he hit the big speakers twice and he also lost his cigarette, which simply fell from his hand. But he was cute nonetheless, all bouncy and that.
All in all, it was a good concert. I feel like I had somehow forgotten Tristania, but now I like them again as much as I once did.
Btw, I also took a picture with Mary, who was really friendly with all the fans but 1) she is incredibly short compared to me, 2 ) I look awful. I might edit it and put a big black rectangle on my half of the picture and show you the other half if you really want to see it.

We left while MDB played, mainly because the audience was getting really creepy. There were 3 girls who knelt somewhere and started headbanging in that slow, doom metal beat. It was spooky as hell. We had an ice-cream and an ice tea, somewhere close to the stage. I heard the music and I can say that I enjoyed it – the show was not for me, though.
Btw, in case you don’t know it, I recommend this song:

Very beautiful lyrics, and a nice melody as well.
I also visited “From a dark mind”, Aaron Stainthorpe (MDB singer) ‘s photography gallery. Some of the pictures were ridiculously dark-gothic-etc or way too photoshopped, but some others were really beautiful. The man is very creative. You can see some of the pictures here : Clicky

We came back for Opeth, which were really good. Very good guitar riffs, good growling, good songs, good show. Quite a few people told me that Opeth are better than Nightwish: I couldn’t say for sure, but from a technical point of view, they probably are. They were very professional, and had a very…’together’ sound. I liked them a lot – I have their whole discography and I’ll sure listen to some more from now on.
Try this

The next day I met the guys again – this time just Tuomas and Marco. I took a picture with Tuomas. He was wearing the same clothes that he wore on stage, like 10 hours later. It’s an interesting thing to know. 😛

We met up with a few friends later, had a beer (tried to, actually) and then simply went near the stage and occupied a place by sitting down on the concrete. It was quite stupid, we were about 10 people sitting there in the sun, 4 hours before the gig started, 7 hours before Nightwish. I met a few nice dudes who were very funny (and very flirty, I was later told, but I swear I can’t remember a thing) and ran around yelling “TUOMAS I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES” and “TUOMAS I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY BABIES”. After sitting there for almost two hours we were told that we’re supposed to wait in a queue. Luckily, it wasn’t too late. I somehow managed to get in there second.
After another half an hour of waiting, I managed to show the nice lady at the entrance my ticket and had to run to get my place. It was almost hilarious how one person popped out at small intervals, running desperately to get a good place. I got mine right in front of Tuomas, and even if it was hard, I didn’t let go of that fence until the whole thing ended.

The first band playing were Subscribe, some nice Hungarian dudes. I bet the crowd was the biggest one they’ve ever had – the guitarist who stayed in front of me seemed pretty dumbstruck and studied at his shoes attentively for most of the show. The singer was very nice, he kept pointing at me and a friend of mine and smiling. Their whole choreography was very…chaotic, and they kept running around the stage and headbanging at random times, but it was nice. Due to the whole entrance-thingie, I couldn’t get my camera back from my dad, and he arrived hours later, so I have no amazing pics (which I could’ve taken from my lovely position in the front row).
Then PAIN came – they were really meh, at least for me, but maybe because I was so eagerly waiting for Nightwish. It was weird, because the crowd was divided between people who yelled NIGHTWISH and fanatic PAIN fans. Behind me there was this dude who told me that Peter (the Pain guy) is the greatest metal musician ever. He also told us about his tattoos: PAIN above his heart and “Hypocrisy” (peter’s other band) on his abdomen. After what seemed an endless hour, Anette came on stage and sang “Follow me” with Pain. Everyone yelled her name for like a minute and then we all started laughing. She was wearing some sort of strapless tube top, which kept falling of her and, while singing (in a very weird fashion) she had to hold on to her blouse, which obviously wanted to go bye-bye. I heard many people yelling “change your clothes”, “get dressed” or “woman, did you inhale helium?” – luckily, all this was in Romanian so hopefully she didn’t understand much.

Then Pain left and we had to wait for about half an hour for Nightwish to come. The audience was amazing – we cheered for Marco’s bass, we cheered for Jukka’s drums and for Tuomas’ keyboards. There were many people still hoping to get to the first row and it was incredibly painful but that doesn’t matter.
I cannot tell you that much about the Nightwish show. Objectively, I can say that they had very cool pyro effects. That they did not play Ghost Love Score. That the second song they played was Ever Dream. That people chanted “Marco” more than “Nightwish” The one time they yelled “Tuomas” was when I started it. Emppu threw a pic and I managed to get it. Tuomas finished his bottle of wine a bit too fast. I threw some rubber ducks on stage and I later found out that Anette loved them. She wore a short black dress, by the way.
Non-objectively, I can tell you that the show was fucking amazing. Incredible. I could not hear Anette, because everyone seemed to be yelling their lungs out. There was not a single word in that entire concert that I did not sing, or well, at least whisper, because at times my voice just refused to work. Tuomas and Emppu had a really nice moment, and they laughed together. Tuomas flirted with the whole front row, and the rows behind. He did some very weird things with his tongue. Like, really weird. He kept licking his fingers, as well as…moving it pendulum-like very fast. 😛 His playing skills are amazing, all those people who said he’s growing older (including myself) have no idea what they’re talking about. Marco was great, he has such a stage charisma. He made a parody off Poker Face and made us sing “My-my co-cock sucking, my cock-sucking face”.
I was in shock when I heard the first notes of Ever Dream and couldn’t really figure out what I was singing until the headbanging part came . I’ve heard it on youtube today and apparently Anette has improved, but I swear I don’t even remember her being on stage back then. The Siren was also a very beautiful moment, surprisingly. Aaand Dead Boy’s Poem. Emppu had a very good solo, but I can’t remember when. TPATP was very emotional and the throat-slitting gesture didn’t look pathetic at all.
The whole thing was amazing, very emotional, very beautiful.

The next day we were sure they had left, but they hadn’t. We met them AGAIN – Anette was first and I have to say she was very, very nice. Very warm, positive etc. She was in a hurry but she signed autographs (I had to take those for like 5 people and didn’t get one for myself ), took pictures and talked to us. Yes, I also have a picture with her and yes, I will not show it. Then Marco and Tuomas came at the restaurant where we had met them before and we actually talked a little. I asked Tuomas what’s his favourite Dark Tower book and thanked him for the beautiful show.

We stayed in Sibiu (the town where this whole thing took place) for another couple of days, but that’s not interesting.

I guess this is it. The End, thank you for reading.

Poze gasiti si singuri pe, etc.



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5 responses to “Artmania

  1. Oana

    Heeey. Nice review. I have to ask though. cine l`a scris [desi am o vaga banuiala]? pentru ca, intamplator, am avut si eu o contibutie pentru ratele alea. :D. M`am linistit putin, acum ca aflu ca nu sunt singura care nu`si aminteste mai nimic din concert :-s

  2. ladyruna

    Uhm…l’am scris eu. Eu, Miruna, Glady, whatever. 🙂

  3. Oana

    Ahh… so I was right. 😀 =))

  4. ladyruna

    Hmm… Oana… Oana. Oana care a ras la fel de mult ca mine la prima melodie Subscribe? 🙂

  5. Oana

    Se prea poate ca eram 2 oane pe acolo =))

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