Nothin’ better to do.

Asta e o chestie care cica se numeste Alphabet of Life, furata de pe un blog. Enjoy.

– Available:  Somehow…not.
– Age: Too young for legal drinking, too old for Disney cartoons. (or so they saaay…)
– Animal:  O mata neagra.

– Birthday/Birthplace: 2 oct/hospital
– Best Friends: Don’t believe in such a thing.
– Body Part on opposite sex: The eyes, the eyes…
– Best feeling in the world: Go find it.
– Best weather: Autumn rain.
– Been in Love: So it seems.
– Been on stage?:  Din pacate.
– Believe in yourself?: Incredibil de mult.
– Believe in life on other planets:  Probabil. Undeva, departe.
– Believe in miracles: Again, so it seems.
– Believe in Magic: Aye.
– Believe in God:  Aye again.
– Believe in Satan: Nah, not really.
– Believe in Santa:  But of course 🙂
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: hmm…sa zicem ca nu.
– Believe in Evolution: To a certain extent.

– Car: Una care nu va rezista prea mult daca mai pun mana pe ea de cateva ori.
– Candy: CHALKLAT.
– Color: Mov, negru, verde
– Cried in school: Yep, several times, for several reasons. 😐
– Chocolate/Vanilla: CHALKLAT.
– Chinese/Mexican: Mexican.
– Cake or pie: Apple pie! 😀
– Countries to visit: Islanda, Finlanda, Norvegia, Danemarca, Suedia, Anglia, Irlanda, Franta, Portugalia, Croatia, Austria, Elvetia, Olanda, Luxemburg :D, America (Alaska), Egipt, Australia, Peru

– Day or Night: Night.
– Dream vehicle:  Ceva care sa mearga.
– Danced:  Teoretic, da.
– Danced in the rain?:  Aye.
– Danced in the middle of the street?:  Aye.

– Eggs:  Le detest, cu exceptia omletei facute de bunica si prajiturilor.
– Eyes: Eyes.

– Everyone has: Issues.

– Ever failed a class? Nawp

– First crush: hmm. Era un tip la gradinita. Aveam vreo 4-5 ani. Il chema Alexandru. Apoi prietena mea cea mai buna i’a adus un cadou de Craciun. Toata gradinita a aflat ca s-au pupat pe botic]. Nice start, eh?
– First thoughts waking up: Shit.
– Fruits:  Green apples.

– Greatest Fear:  Apa adanca.
– Goals:  Multe.
– Gum:  Cam orice
– Get along with your parents? With my dad.
– Good luck charms: a little reindeer, a guitar pick, a little folded paper.

– Hair Colour: şaten.
– Height: 1,65 (aprox.)
– Happy: Sunt si asa, uneori.
– Holidays:  Christmas.
– How do you want to die: Content.
– Hate: Narrow-minded people.

I (In guys/girls)
– Eye colour: Light.
– Hair Color: Whatever.
– Height: Taller than me
– Clothing Style:…Decent.
– Ice Cream: COOKIIIEES.
– Instrument: Whatever. Even guys playing hurdy gurdy can look hot.

– Job:  Part-time writer, part-time keyboard player, part-time a major annoyance.

– Kids: Are nice.
– Kickboxing or karate:  No idea. o.O
– Keep a journal? Nu chiar. Sau daca da, atunci e unul foarte neconventional.

– Longest Car Ride: 12h, or something like that.
– Love:  Love ce? 🙂
– Love at first sight: Cica ar exista.

– Milk flavour: CHALKALT.
– Movie: The Village, Finding Neverland, Shawshank Redemption, Everything is illuminated, What’s eating Gilbert Grape, Disney stuff (old ones), Green Mile, Lord of the Rings etc.
– Marriage: Poate.
– Motion sickness?: Aye.
– McD’s or KFC: McD’s.

– Number of Siblings: one
– Number of Piercings: teoretic, 2. Adica, stii, unu’ in fiecare ureche. Hopin’ for more.
– Number: 19
– Nickname: Glady, Runa, Mirunicuticutica 🙂

– One wish: To have 1001 wishes.
– One phobia:  Deep water, am mai spus asta.

– Place you’d like to live: Sibiu, Finlanda, Islanda, Anglia, Irlanda, o mansarda in Paris.
– Pepsi/Coke: Coke

– Questionnaires: Me likes ’em.

– Reason to cry: The emoness of this question.
– Reality T.V.:  Daca Amazing Race e unu’, atunci ala.
– Radio Station: City fm, cand chiar nu am ce face.
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yep, I can do that.

– Song:  Ever Dream 🙂
– Shoe size: 36, 37
– Slept outside: But of course.
– Seen a dead body?: Decat la TV.
– Smoked?: Am incercat.
– Shower daily?: Duh.
– Sing well?: Hahahahahahaha.
– In the shower?: Absolutely.
– Swear?: Mai nou, nu prea.
– Stuffed Animals?: Fara numar.
– Single/Group dates: Groups are funnier.
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
– Scientists need to invent: Solutions to everything.

– Time for bed: 21-6
– Thunderstorms: I absolutely adore them.

– Touch your tongue to your nose?: Nu 😦

– Understanding: Guess not.

– Vegetable you hate: Dovleceii.
– Vegetable you love: Rosiile? Dunno.

– Weakness: Pffffffhahahaha.
– When you grow up: Never, hopefully.
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Hmm. nu stiu.
– Who makes you laugh the most: Tickling.
– Wanted to be a model?: No way.
– Where do we go when we die: Somewhere.
– Worst weather: Vara, temperaturile alea de 40 de grade.
– Walk with a book on your head?: Aye

– X-Rays: What about them?

-Year it is now: Duuude, no idea.
-Yellow: tulips suck.

– Zoo animal: Me likes ’em all.
– Zodiac sign: Balanta.

Si gata. Yay.


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  1. Nu se numeste “Alphabet of life”, asa l-am denunmit eu. :)) Ma bucur ca ai preluat-o. :>

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