The 30-Day Song Challenge – Day 1

So, I’m going to do this challenge, because it’s a challenge and it’s about music and it’s gonna make me write more.  I won’t just post a song, I’ll try to write a few words about it too and, well, we’ll see where that gets us.


Day 1 – My favourite song


That would be *gasp* Nightwish’s Ever Dream. It’s pretty difficult to write about it, especially from an objective point of view. My relationship with this song is somewhat obsessive; I’ve had days when I listened to it for 20 times in a row. I listen to it every year, when the first snow falls, because doing that 4 years ago made my write one of my best poems ever. I play the intro on my keyboard every time, before I start playing anything else. I’ve written its lyrics on every writing-notebook I’ve ever had, I’ve written them on walls, on window blinds, on the back of a certain picture and I was this close of having them inked on my skin forever. I know the video by heart, just as I know every single particularity of the original recording. Back when Nightwish came here, Ever Dream had been taken out of the setlist months before… and yes, they did play it here. Describing that experience would just as impossible as my trying to describe the actual song. Someone said it’s the most beautiful thing anyone could express in less than 5 minutes. I can but agree.



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