The 30-Day Song Challenge – Day 2

My least favourite song


This was SO much harder than I thought. Obviously, having actual preferences when it comes to music means that I don’t like 90% of the things I hear. I’m not into pop, unless it’s (what I consider to be) high quality pop, I’m not into electro, unless it’s (what I consider to be) high quality electro, I’m not into dance, trance, hip hop, rap, R&B, manele :P, alternative rock, techno, punk, dnb and that means, you know, SO many songs to choose from. I tried to stay away from the obvious choices, though, and what I finally came up with is this

Spice Girls – Wannabe. I have quite a special relationship with this song, as I remember being woken up at fucking 6:30 in the morning, sometime last year, coincidentally in the one day when I was supposed to be fresh and full of energy. * It’s not that I’ve ever liked the song, oooh no, not at all, but ever since I go a little Captain-Hook-at-the-sight-of-the-crocodile-ish when hearing it. It is boundlessly irksome. Musically, it’s simple and whiny and everything I hate about pop music, especially the oh-so-cool “ah ah ah” parts, I swear those were ehm “composed” with the sole purpose of torturing people. Lyrically… ehr no. 😐 Visually, there’s someone in that video wearing an orange sports bra with blue sweat pants. As someone pointed out on youtube (not that it was necessary) she also lacks a proper bra. I assume being disgusting as well as… chromatically challenged was hot back then. Either way, it’s such, such a bad song. Enjoy.

*I’d like to add that it has turned into a somewhat pleasant memory by now. :  )



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3 responses to “The 30-Day Song Challenge – Day 2

  1. “as well as… chromatically challenged” HAHA! If that isn’t the definition of the 90s, I don’t know what is xd

    Interesting choice… I thought you’d be going with something by Ke$ha.

    Or Sybreed.

  2. ladyruna

    Ah, no, Ke$ha is among the bands/musicians that I… passively dislike. I was very tempted to go with Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, but this was better. And come on, I don’t dislike Sybreed THAT much.

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