Day 4

A song that makes me sad

Out of all those songs that manage to make me sad, miserable, misanthropic, melancholic, nostalgic etc., I chose a song that I’ve only discovered a few days ago. There’s a strange, mystical sadness about it, the lonely sorrow of the lover who has lost his love. I’ve read so many interpretations for this song, as an allegory for the Holy Grail quest, a Christian metaphor and so on… but the way Jeff described it fits the way he sings it, as well as my view – it is about the loss of a loved one and naught else. The chorus line, The falcon hath borne my mate away captures this in that typically English wistfulness… As for his voice, it’s simply otherwordly. It may sound ignorant, but I’ve never heard anything like this coming from a man.


(in case you didn’t figure it out yet, that’s Jeff Buckley)


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One response to “Day 4

  1. I just took the time to listen to it properly, and wow… you’re so right. This is unlike anything I’ve ever heard coming from a man (or human being). It’s otherwordly.

    Was the song written by him?

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