Day 6

A bit late, as it’s already the 3rd of April here, but it’s only 1:24 am, so I’m only one hour and a half late, really. Now…

A song that reminds you of somewhere

I was very close of choosing the Bare Necessities song, because it reminds me of Disneyland (and if that’s not a place to remember…), but I realized there’s one song that surpasses it in its ability to evoke a certain point in time and space for me. Because when I listen to Bare Necessities I feel like dancing around and, well, I might think of Disneyland, but when I listen to this… it’s probably me being synesthetic and all that, yet it’s hard to describe how it brings up that place two summers ago, not only visually, but also on an emotional level. There were so many things happening at once (in a proustian way, you know), and although this might not seem thematically connected to that Sibiu trip back then, it brings it back to life down to the very details every time I hear it.


I love how equivocal the stanza before the last is, btw, although the credits for that don’t go to Omnia, you know. xD


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