Day 10

Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep

First of all, I love sleeping. I used to have serious sleeping problems and still suffer from insomnia every now and then, so a song that makes me fall asleep is NOT boring, but great and useful 😀 I discovered a while ago that doom songs make me sleepy, no matter how heavy or growl-y and this is a perfect example. It’s long, doomy, repetitive, and then there’s that middle part with the creepy whispers and all… (though I doubt anyone will have the patience to listen through to that)



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2 responses to “Day 10

  1. I remember this uu1

    No idea how you can associate this with sleep though 😛

    • ladyruna

      You do? Really? 😐 Wow 😀

      Well, once you stop trying to understand that sdtjkskjtghsfgkijdfn part, it’s great for sleep. As most MDB/old Anathema/Paradise Lost/Burzum songs.
      (omg Burzum.)

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