Day 13

Day 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasure

Ooooh, this one immediately sprung to mind. Yes, I like this. It’s catchy as hell, it’s British (well, sort of), it’s weird and quirky and certainly kinky and ARGH I LIKE IT. I am utterly ashamed of liking it and it’s not like I listen to it regularly, and I know it’s really BAD and I don’t like Fergie and I don’t like this type of music and freaky sexual innuendos and I feel like crawling in a hole for such a bad taste in music but every time I hear it I realize I like it and, well, there’s nothing I can do.



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4 responses to “Day 13

  1. Not actually a bad choice; the song is indeed very catchy xd and it’s got good percussion.

    Should it surprise me that we haven’t chosen Burzum yet?

    • ladyruna

      Oh yay, so you’ll still talk to me! 😀

      Well, that certainly shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure should it? 😀

      • Only if you’re talking about it with a priest :-j

        the happy xed-2-ish-song (or was it xed-6? I forget…) was kind of a guilty pleasure.

  2. ladyruna

    Haha. “I have sinned – I listened to a guy who burns churches and whose music sounds like ecstatic onions who run…

    I think the song was Track 2 and the emoticon was XED6. I think. 😐 or XED2? oh god we’re getting so old.

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