Celebrity Crushes

a.k.a. yet another idea ripped off this dude here, but this time he made me do it, so.

I tend to be quite an obsessive person. I develop this type of crush quite easily and go completely nuts about it for ages, usually, until I calm down and get over it (well, more or less). I’ve done my best to keep this list as short as possible and only include the ‘big crushes’, but… 😀

Jeff Buckley


This man was exquisitely beautiful. In every single way. He was just… I don’t know how to express it. If I were to describe the perfect man, I’d probably end up portraying him to the smallest details (at least as far as I know)… maybe minus the eyecolour, but who cares.

Johnny Depp


Yes, we all know this one. I used to be pretty neutral to him, but then Pirates of the Caribbean came out. And, well, that was hot as hell. Besides, he’s stylish, a rebel, but also really cool and laid back and talented and manyotherpositiveadjectives. A bit bling-bling at times, but I personally can overlook that..

Tuomas Holopainen


This is something of an ex-crush, I guess. Well, sort of. It’s the oldest here and probably the craziest; dates back to 2006. No idea what to say about him, besides the fact that his eyes are rather special.

Fernando Torres


Another… typical one here. I just LOVE freckles, though. Really, really love them and this man’s got tons. He also has a rather cute face, adorable smile and used to play for Liverpool. He left them and turned into a huge traitor, but as far as I’m concerned the freckles are still there…

Vincent Cavanagh


Curly hair, metal singer, deep voice, leather jacket, gets teary eyed on stage, Liverpudlian, an accent to die for, amazing life philosophy… the lead singer of Anathema. Danny, his brother (he’s in the pic as well), deserves a mention too, for being an amazing guy.

Perttu Kivilaakso


Another old crush. Yes, I like Finnish men.

Andy Carroll


This is my most recent one. In case you’re wondering who the hell he is, he’s the new Liverpool striker. The pictures online don’t make him justice, though, he’s just rawwrrr to watch playing. This picture doesn’t show it, but he’s 191 cm I think… and yes, he too has long hair.

And now, to make someone happy…

Simone Simons


Even though she seems rather daft most of the time, this woman is absolutely perfect. Beautiful body, beautiful face, decent voice and it certainly makes one wonder about one’s straightness. (bet this word doesn’t exist)

That being said, other people deserve a mention too. In no particular order, Tarja Turunen (CC times!), Steven Gerrard, Danny Agger, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Laurie, Ethan Hawke, Ronny O’Sullivan, Guy Pearce, Nicole Kidman, Jouni Hynynen, Ville Valo, Xabi Alonso, Liv Tyler, Charlie McDonnell, Viggo Mortensen, Brian Joubert, Eva Green, Anders from Tristania, James Hetfield but only on stage, AXL ROSE oh my god can’t believe i forgot him, Duff McKagan, Heath Ledger, Jean Baptiste Maunier, Thibault Vinçon, Jonsu of Indica, Stephen Lynch, Gary Oldman and many more.



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2 responses to “Celebrity Crushes

  1. Interesting list! I can’t believe I didn’t think you’d choose JB and JD.
    And wow, you chose Simone 😀

    LOL/uu1 at Ethan Hawke.

    • ladyruna

      Yeah, those were kind of predictable. Bad friend. 😛

      Haha, why. It took me like 5 minutes of BS to notice how much he looks like Tuomas and then… *giggles*

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