Day 2

Day 2 – A film by your favourite director

I’m going to be very… disappointing with this one. I don’t really have a favourite director. I know very little about the film industry as a whole and, while I can spot some ‘devices’, themes, techniques when reading a book, I am way too ignorant to notice such things when watching films and, thus, I don’t really know much about directors. I watch films like your average cinema-goer, so it’s hard to highlight a presence that I hardly ever notice on a conscious level.
Therefore, I have to (predictably) choose the only director whose films I’ve watched because they were his, Stanley Kubrick. And I’ll just go with the first one I’ve seen, A Clockwork Orange.

There’s nothing new to be said about this film, I suppose. Amusing, shocking, even beautiful at times, it paints incredible landscapes, both visually and emotionally. The MilkBar is amazing in its eeriness, its detail-ness, its queer credibility. That, or the writer’s house, or the scene under the bridge, or every single moment of the old ultraviolence. How those manage to be funny and absurd, as well as poignant, appalling, curious… I’ve no idea. It’s fascinating, this rush of exhilaration, of lust for life mixed with disgust and repulsion and it’s probably this that has turned A clockwork orange into such a phenomenon. And all those little details… Ludwig’s ninth is never played, it’s blasted magnificently at key points throughout the action, seemingly changing the emotional impact of every single one. Nothing but a (very) familiar piece of symphonic music playing, but suddenly you’re in the character’s head, suddenly the world stops looking like those photos where the colours have been inverted and it makes sense. But what kind of sense…? It’s crazy, but it holds together admirably.

yet again, please excuse my incoherence. dead tired here.



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4 responses to “Day 2

  1. We both went with Kubrick đŸ˜€

    A brilliant story turned into a brilliant film. One of the most hilarious, epic and disturbing films ever made, and Kubrick’s second best. Which in itself, is already saying a lot.

  2. ladyruna

    Pfft, thought we’d settled that long ago.

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