The Sexiest Film Challenge Ever Attempted – Day 1

Peekaboo. I suck at introductions (usually just insert a definition, but ’tis not the case) so I’ll be straightforward. This person here (allegedly a picky female chupacabra) and I enjoyed the 30 Days Song Challenge so much we wanted to do a 30 Days Film Challenge. This person here, this person here and this person here (link to follow, cause she’s too lazy) thought our idea was far from daft so they joined us! ๐Ÿ˜€ And because we actually put our ideas to practice (*hint hint nudge nudge sabina*), here it is. And it starts off with

Day One – Your favourite film

This has to be Into The Wild. I’ve given it much thought, especially as I’ve seen The Village many, many more times than ItW, and there are films that have moved me (at least on the outside) much more than this one, but… this is the right choice after all. It feels very personal, to begin with. I know people *cough cough* who consider The Village their favourite film. The same goes for other favourites of mine, like Dead Poets Society or The Shawshank Redemption. But this is a film I’ve more or less found by myself, a film I’ve decided to watch simply because it seemed about nature and hiking and it’s a film that manages to put things into perspective ever single time. By ‘things’ I mean ‘my things’. My uncertainties, my insecurities, my questions, my longings. It’s why it’s personal.
Chris McCandless is a smart kid who, upon graduating from a good university, runs away from home in search of freedom of body, mind and heart. He breaks away from ‘society’, from social conventions such as wearing socks on a hot day, from money and people making videos where they show off their new cars, from under the ubiquitous judgemental stare of everyone and enters the world of Thoreau, London, hippies, thiefs, travellers, wolves and mooses throughout his trip to Alaska. He changes his life and changes that of other people as well by means of contagious bouts of an idealism that society is missing today. We are all missing it, as far as I’m concerned, and, when we see it, so often dismiss it as silly, cheesy, or simply something that belongs in the fictional world of book or film.
The acting is great, the directing is flawless, though perhaps not extremely creative, the landscape is breathtaking and the music, provided by Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder, is just beautiful. Very inspiring as well. I’ve seen this film about two years ago, I think, and I still have the whole soundtrack on my iPod. It’s the type of music you want to wake up with in the morning.
Besides all this, though, it’s about the story and the beliefs of this young man. Many have called him a fool, a madman, a rebel without a cause, but as far as I am concerned, everyone should look up to Chris McCandless; not because of what he did, but because of how clear and sweet his soul was, to paraphrase Whitman.

I’m not allowed to embed this, but please watch. : )



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3 responses to “The Sexiest Film Challenge Ever Attempted – Day 1

  1. A great film ๐Ÿ˜€

    As you know, I’m not particularly fond of Christopher McCandless as a person, nor his Life story, but the film tells (and shows) something beautiful. Freedom in its purest form.

  2. Nu cred ca as avea curajul sa pornesc la drum,asa.Desi probabil toti la un moment dat avem senzatia aia ,”de vreau sa evadez,de vreau sa meditez o vreme la viata mea ,de m am saturat de tot”,nu ar trebui sa uitam ca peste tot e o jungla.Societatea in sine e o jungla.Si daca imi amintesc bine,stiu ca la sfarsit m am ofticat ca nu a mai rezistat o zi:-?sau ceva in genul pentru ca ar fi fost salvat.Merita vazut.Ce patesti daca pleci de acasa,de la mancare calda,mami si tati:))

    • ladyruna

      Eu nu l’am inteles asa (desi cred ca asa trebuia inteles). Stiu ca daca ar mai fi rezistat putin il salva cineva, plus ca cica era un pod cam la 500 de m distanta, adica daca ar fi avut o harta sau daca ar fi luat’o la intamplare in directia buna ar fi ajuns super repede. Numai ca mie mi se pare ca a ajuns unde voia sa ajunga si ca nu e un film despre cum nu tre’ sa pleci, ci despre cum (daca vrei) ar trebui sa o faci…

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