Day 3

A film with your favourite actor

I won’t focus on the actor, but on the film, ’cause that’s what this is about after all. My (yet again) obvious choice is Johnny Depp, because, besides the fact that I find him very very very hot, I think he’s a very good actor and rather underrated. Yes, underrated, because everyone talks about what a bad boy he is/was, how weird his clothing style is, how handsome he is, but they rarely mention his acting skills, which I find impressive, especially in PotC, which ‘works’, imo, only because of him. (this was a long and very badly constructed sentence.)

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, also known as Arnie, is a not-so-famous film of his, but a good one nonetheless. It tells the emotional story of Gilbert Grape (surprise!) who needs to take care of his brother Arnie (flawlessly played by a young Leo DiCaprio, whom I used to hate before this film, but now admire) who has severe mental issues, of his obese mother and also of his newly-found love interest. Not an amazing plot, but what is striking is the tender story of a young man torn in the act of sacrificing his life for his brother.

Also, Johnny is young and hot.



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2 responses to “Day 3

  1. I never thought of Johnny Depp being underrated, but what you said makes sense. The only problem, for me, is that he is so often praised for a role in a series of films which are, at best, mediocre. He is the heart of PotC (which would be more aptly “The Adventures of Jack Sparrow”), but that’s not enough to be a GOOD actor. Which he is, but pales in comparison to many, many, many less famous, but more talented others.

    • ladyruna

      I’m not saying that he’s a good actor because he’s the heart of PotC, I guess, but because he pulls it off so well. Of course, it’s also a good role for someone to show off acting abilities, cause you get to deliver so many one-liners, get to act drunk and whatever, but what fewer people know is that he made the role himself. Captain Jack Sparrow was originally supposed to be a tough-ish, boring pirate, which would’ve probably sent the whole business to hell. What he did was huge, and very well done, imo.
      And it’s not just PotC; have you watched Edward Scissorhands, for example? It’s not much of a film, indeed, but I thought Johnny was brilliant. All these little gestures, the way he blinks, the way he smells his ‘hands’ like a curious animal almost… I’m not saying he’s the most talented, not at all (actually think he’s been a bit…repetitive lately), but I like him loads. 😀

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