Day seven

A film that makes you sad

I’m not sure this will have a similar effect on a ‘normal’ person, but when I first finished watching this film, I felt very, very sad. Empty, even. Because I understand at least a fragment of what being a writer means, a fragment of what being in love is all about and a fragment of what it feels to have time swooshing past you – that, and how strangely these three interconnect. It’s a sad film, about people who can’t embrace both freedom and peace of mind, and who feel caged in worlds that outsiders would find perfect. And while it has its flaws, I thought it was a great film.



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8 responses to “Day seven

  1. A good film indeed, and a good choice for today.

    Personally, the only thing that bothers me about it is how it seems to try a bit too hard to be beautiful, when it’s actually a bit empty, if that makes sense. In that respect, it reminds me of Oscar Wilde — well written stories told in beautiful words… but once you look deeper, beneath the surface, you realise there’s nothing there except the beauty that is the shell. The words themselves make little sense. Example: when the writer dude ‘randomly’ goes “BUT I STILL HAVE TO FACE THE HOURS!!!” Beautiful statement, but what does it mean, really?

    • ladyruna

      I sort of agree with what you said. It’s what I meant by “it has its flaws”. It’s a bit shallow, I guess, (especially the lesbian love, in my opinion, which does not help the plot in any way as far as I could notice) and in a way it’s like symbolist literature. It’s impressive because of the effect that it produces through images, light, music, beautiful quotes, and not necessarily because it conveys anything. (besides those sensations)
      I disagree with the second part, though. The writer dude did not have a life, the writer dude was living his ‘life’ as nothing else but “a tedious collection of hours”. He felt pressure from those who still expected him to write and to fight on (and those who pitied him, I assume?), including himself, all this while being aware of the fact that he couldn’t do any of that. What was left for him was this sad, enclosed existence, with the impossibility to be happy looming over his head every single moment, every single hour. So he decides to escape them. The hours.

  2. Exactly! In any case, Stephen Daldry seems very partial to stories with elements of homosexuality, so 😛 That’s probably the reason.

    So the only way to escape the sadness that derives from the fact of not being able to enjoy the hours is ending them? I can’t agree with that…

  3. ladyruna

    Why, thanks for generalizing, when I said “could he have” I was obviously talking about all of us. 😛

    When you’re old. You’re friendless. The only person you truly love does not share your love. You have AIDS. You’re under continuous pressure. It doesn’t seem like much fun, does it?

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