Day eight

A film you’ve laughed to

Humour is something I’ve yet to understand, I guess. I make jokes and laugh at some jokes, but I never seem to find comedies funny. I avoid going to the theatre if there’s a comedy being played, I don’t watch comedies and so on – because I honestly don’t “get” them. I just stare at the screen and thing “Duuuuh that’s stupid” and don’t laugh at all.

There is something, thuogh, that I find incredibly funny. Most people say it’s ‘old’ humour already,that it’s too British, too absurd, too pseudo-witty. But who cares. I’ve seen my first Python film about three years ago and have, since then, watched every single DVD they’ve ever released and even read a book called Monty Python and Philosophy. I love their jokes and how they’re hilarious in this weird, even macabre (sometimes) way… what’s special about them is not the way they act, nor the lines or anything, but just the sheer creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. This is an excerpt of one of the few, few films that have ever made me laugh:



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5 responses to “Day eight

  1. All I can say is… this was one of the best one and a half moments of my Life.

  2. What sarcasm? It’s hilarious!

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