Day 16

A film you wish you could’ve directed

I’ll skip the mini-rant on how I know nothing about directing and move on to the (pseudo)interesting part. My choice today is Memento, a film I absolutely love, down to the tiniest details. The plot is brilliant, Guy Pearce is just insanely attractive, it has witty dialogues, but what makes it really good is the directing. The funny scenes, the intense scenes, the way Nolan plays with the light, especially in those beautiful, crisp neo-noir parts, the messed-up chronology that just beats your brains out, the fading polaroids, an exploration of the human body as I’ve only seen in Bertolucci’s films, the softness of the love scenes, the sounds going forwards when the image is moving backwards, the voices, the whispers, the touches.
I found it to be an incredible achievement, especially considering it was a low-budget production. Far, far better than the overrated Inception and The Dark Knight, and something most directors should strive for.


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  1. 😀 Brilliant, brilliant film.

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