Day 20

The best action/adventure film?

Well, I don’t really know how genres work, so I asked imdb to sort my film list and there were not many under ‘Action/adventure’. Moreover, they were not really good. The best, in my opinion, out of that list, though not something that I consider to be AMAZING, just good, is The Road.

The story of a man and his son (and Guy Pearce, acting for 5 minutes with tons of make-up on!!) who wander through a post-apocalyptic, dystopic world, half-deserted, half-inhabited by people who would kill anyone for food, The Road is a very impressive film. It talks about hope and freedom (yet again), integrity, death, father-son love, but also about other, more specific themes: there are many elements of originality in the ambiguous ending, ambiguous scenes, strange sounds that might communicate something, the beautifully-achieved post-nuclear-winter landscape… it’s a film that manages to be better than the novel it’s based on, a film that leaves a mark, not only conceptually, but psychologically.

On a slightly un-related note, today I found out why I don’t watch horrors.



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17 responses to “Day 20

  1. ladyruna

    I watched A Serbian Film. Well, about half of it. Ridiculous and so, so gruesome. I can’t understand why anyone would make such a film.

    • LOL!

      Well, you should have listened when I told you… that kind of film is only for a very specific kind of audience.

      At what point did you turn the film off? The ending might have scarred you for Life xd

      • ladyruna

        Oh I can’t really remember the sequence of events; I think it was after he saws off the head of the woman he’s sort-of-having-sex-with 🙂 Certainly after the part where a man fucks a newborn while the mother chuckles happily.

        I went out for an hour’s walk afterward. I should not watch horror films.

  2. I’m sorry that’s what you made of it xd The thing is though, A Serbian Film isn’t exactly a horror film… it is frightening, but if anything, it’s more of a shock thriller.

    You should try watching GOOD horror films (with the proper state of mind) before claiming you shouldn’t watch them.

    • ladyruna

      I don’t think it scared me. No, it didn’t. It was just disgusting, on more than one level.

      I didn’t say it in a girly-sissy-wissy way, like “oh my god, bloooood, i can’t watch that”. It’s just that I expect art to be beautiful, even if it’s beautiful in a twisted way (like The Road, or The boy in the striped pajamas – which is basically about a boy killed by nazis); I can’t find anything worth watching (‘experiencing’ might be a better word) if it only shows you the darkest, ugliest corners of the human mind. I don’t think I was as bothered by the film in itself as by the idea that someone would even think of filming a baby being raped, or a father telling his son ‘ to follow the wheels with his hand’. (seriously, wtf xD)

  3. I’m not sure you can say that film is “art”. But if your idea of a twisted film is ‘The Road’ or ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas’, well… you took too fast a leap from strong films to extreme films.
    A Serbian Film is, like I told you, not something you should watch out of curiosity, but rather a mind-opening, albeit disturbing, experience. It’s not a pleasurable film to watch, and most of the plot is quite absurd. But it does have its power moments, and it does expose a lot of things that are being done and that exist in our world and society. Imo, refusing to ackowledge them is taking the easy way out (which I’m not saying is what you’re doing, but you shouldn’t go into A Serbian Film expecting art, and obviously not beauty).

  4. ladyruna

    Why on Earth wouldn’t it be? 😐 The only… valid definition of art that I’m aware of is that it’s something which stimulates thoughts and emotions – good films certainly do that. You can’t say Fellini or Antonioni or even Lynch and Kubrick aren’t artists.
    I didn’t say those films are twisted, I said they’re beautiful in a twisted way.
    How exactly is it mind-opening?
    I am well aware there are fathers raping their one-year old daughters out there, people killing, torturing, mutilating, godknowswhatelse for pleasure, I’ve no idea why I should see films about it, though. I AM taking the ‘easy way out’, but I see it as the only way that I could possibly take. Can I do anything for those people? Can I help in any way? No, I can’t. Watching/hearing about things like these only makes me feel bad and scared of living in such a society. It doesn’t make sense, to me. I’m curious to know why you think it’s mind-opening though.

  5. When I said “that film” I was referring to A Serbian Film in particular, not the art of film making xd What kind of cinema lover would I be if I were saying that? 😛

    I guess it comes down to each person’s own analysis of the film. For me it was mind-opening in the sense that it exposed some of the darkest sides of society (not just in the adult film industry, but also in families, in relationships, in Man). That makes me understand Man better, and inherently, myself better. It makes me understand the world I live in. And it re-perspectivates a lot of frivolous things we do in our day-to-day, without giving it much thought.

    • ladyruna

      Oh, sorry, I’m daft. I read it as something like “I’m not sure you can say that the sun is blue”. Sorry.
      Frivolous things we do in our day-to-day life? I can’t say there was anything in that film that a normal person would do on a regular basis, at least in the part I’ve seen and I doubt the second half was any better. Oh well, I guess it’s just not my type of film.

  6. der kaiser

    nu stiu cine-i yso asta, nu stiu ce-i cu a serbian film, dar incearca sa te uti la horroruri, daca-s de calitate. Si sunt cateva (nu putine) chiar bune, in sensur in care te sperie de mama focului si te pun pe ganduri fara sa vezi organe devorate&stuff 😀

    • ladyruna

      “yso asta” e un om tare boss, cum s’ar spune, so don’t “asta” him 😛 cat despre a serbian film, mai bine nu stii ce’i cu el :)) nu stiu la ce/de ce sa ma uit; inca vreau sa vad Exorcistul, pt simplu’ motiv ca e asa super cult film si sunt curioasa, dar in rest… nu le vad rostul, sincer, ori as rade in hohote, ori as ramane traumatizata pentru o perioada lunga de timp 🙂 Dar, ma rog, cica sunt open-minded, asa ca daca ai o sugestie buna-buna, pot sa incerc.
      Btw, n’am apucat sa’ti spun cum mi s’au parut cantecele de la Rammstein, poate ma bazai si pe mine cand ma vezi pe mess : )

  7. der kaiser

    Am zis in gluma, din commenturile pe care le-am citit nu pare a fi un “asta”. 😀 Ca sugestie, as zice The Strangers. Filmul e…bun. Bun pentru horror, in sensul in care creeaza atmosfera defioridatatoare pe care orice horror ar trebui s-o aiba fara sa fie violent sau ceva (exceptand finalu’ parca :D). E tensiunea aia…rising…The Orphanage 😐 asta e ciudat. Saw si Hannibal. Bine, Hannibal nu e horror pur-sange, but still.
    Si-o sa te bazai cand te prind. Btw, tu nu mai dai pe edu? Ma gandeam ca poate reusim sa concretizam ideea aia cu intalnirea curand, ca s-a cam terminat perioada cu teze sau alte prostii…:)

    • ladyruna

      Ah. Sorry. Sunt putin cam stresata, imi ies gherutele imediat 😀 Bine, promit sa incerc The Strangers, da’ peste ceva timp.
      Pai sa ma bazai. Nu, nu mai dau, pt caaaa deocamdata n’am voie 😀 eu sunt fix in mijlocu’ perioadei de teze si prostii, da’ vorbim…

  8. der kaiser

    “n-ai voie?”

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