Day 21

Best romantic films

I hate romantic films with a passion. They’re cheap, predictable, boring, uninspired, and a total waste of time. There is one exception though (well, two, but one’s sequel to the other, so…), a great, great film with two great, great actors and a beautiful story.

Obviously cheesy at times, Before Sunrise still manages to rise above everything I’ve ever seen from the genre. The film is basically two people talking, walking, and sometimes kissing. But then it’s so much more than that. It’s so genuine and naive and it totally lacks the gloss Hollywood applies to every single love-film. It’s normal and beautiful and depicts life, very tangible and emotional, although it’s a rather ideal life. A love story building up on discussions that may seem to be average, but are made special by the context, by the tension between the characters, by the feeling of time slipping away; a love story made of those hesitant first touches and wishes, of poems and harpsichord music. This is why, unlike most of the people who know the films, I prefer this one to Before Sunset: this one is so innocent, so first-love-ish, maybe more surreal, but adorable in its surrealness.

Maybe the best part of the film:

Daydream delusion, limousine eyelash / Oh baby with your pretty face / Drop a tear in my wineglass / Look at those big eyes / See what you mean to me / Sweet-cakes and milkshakes / I’m a delusion angel / I’m a fantasy parade / I want you to know what I think / Don’t want you to guess anymore / You have no idea where I came from / We have no idea where we’re going / Lodged in life / Like branches in a river/ Flowing downstream / Caught in the current / I carry you / You’ll carry me / That’s how it could be / Don’t you know me? / Don’t you know me by now?



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8 responses to “Day 21

  1. Do you think he wrote the poem, or that it was already written and that he just plugged the word in?

  2. ladyruna

    I (surprisingly) think he wrote it then and there. Do you?

  3. I don’t know… the poem itself seems to connect loose ideas and imagery, so I’d say it feels like something that was written then and there. Though it probably contains words/verses already in his repertoire (such as limousine eyelash, drop a tear in my wineglass).

    • ladyruna

      “limousine eyelash” is either one of the best things ever written or something ridiculous and nonsensical. Can’t really decide.
      Also, you’re being too rational. 😛

  4. Am I? How so? ô__o

    • ladyruna

      Well “the poem itself seems to connect loose ideas and imagery”… xD I think he’s just like the ending of BSunset, you believe what you feel like believing. : )

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