Day 22

The best documentary film

My choice today played a somewhat important role in my life; in a time when I was so immersed in boring, day-to-day stuff, I caught a glimpse of some poetry being recited on TV and decided to watch it. It helped me re-think some things and it somehow reminded me of the more important parts of life. More importantly, it made me read poetry again.
This is a documentary about the Romantic poets of England; what makes it so special, I guess, is the fact that Peter Ackroyd, who is the presenter but also the mastermind behind the project, is not only an expert in English history and literature, but also a writer. In other words, he ‘gets’ them. Even though it has some pretty bad SFX at times (it’s probably because it was made in 2005, I think), it’s certainly an artistic achievement: it’s a great blend of biographical information, mixed with poems (not too few, not as many as would bore the average documentary watcher, and carefully chosen), breathtaking imagery and beautiful music. That, and some pretty awesome originality. : ) Also, more than everything, I think it does what any other documentary should: it keeps you watching, it’s entertaining both for a lover of romanticism and for someone who doesn’t know what that is, and it makes you want to learn more on the subject after you’ve stopped watching.
You can find it in its entirety on youtube (in three parts, Liberty, Nature and Eternity); the only fragment I could find was this one; sorry about the subtitles.


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