Day 23

An overrated film

I could try to annoy someone and go for Mulholland Drive, or for the recent super-duper-success Black Swan, but this is something that’s been bothering me for quite a while.

Everyone told me to watch this film. There were so many references to it and internet jokes and so on; and I watched it. And it was bad. Not bad in a BAD way, just so terribly average and incredibly boring and tremendously uneventful. Nothing happened. When it did, it was silly and often not connected to the actual subject, whatever that was. I don’t understand what’s the hype surrounding it, why some see it as a cult film, as Tom Hanks’s best role to date (Green Mile, anyone?!); maybe I missed something, but it just seemed empty of any message or feelings and full of cliches and meaningless moments. Such as:



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8 responses to “Day 23

  1. Indeed an overrated film, but I guess it’s what you can consider a “good” film for simple-minded people.

    …and Mulholland Dr.? Mulholland Dr.?! MULHOLLAND DR.?!

    Seriously. Don’t shame yourself 😛

  2. ladyruna

    Seems like mentioning it was enough to annoy you 😛
    And pfft, you know my opinion on MD. A good movie (and better than Forrest Gump for sure), but I still can’t see why it’s omgsuchamasterpiece 😛

    • It doesn’t annoy me, it just surprises me how someone with your mental capacity would put Mulholland Dr. on a list for overrated films :/

      • ladyruna

        Not my fault you never listen when I tell you you’re overestimating me/my mental capacity 😛

  3. der kaiser

    era sa zic ceva rautacios :)) cum sa nu-ti placa forrest gump *isi toarna acid sulfuric in cap*?? Adica mmbun, nu-l consideri o capodopera, dar overrated? 😕

  4. ladyruna

    E filmu’ ala in care un tip alearga un an incontinuu sau cum era? 😕 🙂
    Srsly. varianta a) ar trebui sa credem asta, dar n’avem cum, e jenant si e ridicol
    varianta b) este o gluma, nu e amuzanta in niciun fel, e jenant si e ridicol
    varianta c) este o chestie simbolica, nu’i iese, e jenant si ridicol.


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