Life last month

“But I know many people who are always complaining, “Oh, I’d like to write my novel, but I have to sell the house, and then there are the taxes, what am I going to do?” Reasons like, “I work in the office all day, how do you expect me to write?” Me, I worked all day at UNESCO and then I came home and wrote Hopscotch. When one wants to write, one writes. If one is condemned to write, one writes. “
– Julio Cortazar



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2 responses to “Life last month

  1. If I worked at UNESCO (i.e., had that amount of work for that salary) I would probably also be a little more motivated to write 😛

    But the idea is true. I need to find the time.

  2. ladyruna

    Pfft xD Everyone can, and should. Well, maybe not everyone should, but you know. 😀

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