Day 25

Most undeserved Oscar (for best film)

I just read some wiki pages on Oscars and, before I choose my film, I would like to ask:
How the hell did something get an AA instead of Dead Poets Society?
How on earth did Forrest Gump even get nominated? Moreover, how does it win over Pulp Fiction and Shawshank?
Chicago, better than LotR and The Pianist?
And also, how did The Village soundtrack not win in 2004? 😦

Now, I’d probably choose Forrest Gump for today, but I’m trying not to be repetitive; I could also go for Braveheart (I thought it was AWESOME, but really bad at the same time), but there’s another one…

This film has received incredible critical acclaim (“The film appeared on more critics’ top ten lists (354) than any other film of 2007, and was more critics’ #1 film (90) than any other”) and everyone talks about it as if it were this complex and breathtaking work of art. Well, I thought it wasn’t. I thought it was way too long, boring as hell, failing blatantly in its attempt to be scary, or deep, and with a messy and rather dumb plot.
Basically, this tough guy with his thick pseudo-Texan accent (which dispels any illusion of the toughness as he first opens his mouth) stumbles upon a crime scene and, instead of calling the police, has this brilliant idea of taking the two million dollars he finds there. A psychopath with a weird name comes after him with his magic cattle gun, which manages to kill absolutely everyone in dramatic pools of blood (somehow without being heard/seen), to open any sort of lock and, well, it probably cooked for him as well or something. The Texan genius thinks it’s wiser not to give in the money and walk away unscathed, but instead to keep running from the freak who will so obviously find him at some point. (and kill him, with the cattle gun, in a massive pool of blood :D). Tension and terror ensue, mainly from the weirdo’s I KILLZ YOU look, and from how he supernaturally seems to be everywhere. Point is, you can’t cheat your fate (here starring as the cattle gun, although they might trick you into thinking it’s the coin big dude keeps tossing). Dead scary, and soooo deep.



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2 responses to “Day 25

  1. I thought it was a very good film :/ It’s certainly better than Gladiator or Chicago 😛

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