Day 26

A film you’ve watched a ridiculous number of times

My choice would certainly be The Village. It’s not a film that I’ve watched obsessively, like every evening or something, just one that I watch every month or two, especially when I’m feeling down. Does wonders.
BUT as I’m not supposed to pick that again, I’ll have to go for yet another one of my childish obsessions:

Beauty and the Beast. Probably the best Disney film ever, the first full animation feature to be nominated for a Best Movie Oscar and, well, a heartbreaking fairytale about love, patience, understanding, and (obviously) not judging people by appearance. I don’t even know where to begin, to be honest. It’s just a tremendous achievement, technically, emotionally, whatever. I know I’m silly and childish to like this as much as I do (and to be the major Disney fangirl that I am), but I’ve known this film for years and somehow it hasn’t lost one bit of its freshness and honesty and that sort of positive, acceptable cheesiness 😀
What can I say… I LOVE the beginning to death (but I’ve said that before), I think the characters are amazing (Belle being the only Disney princess who’s not very pretty but very stupid, while the Beast is the most adorable thing ever…), I think the songs are great, despite them being very Hollywoodish, and the story… I know everyone thinks ‘same old, same old’, but no, really, just no. This one’s special.

Maybe the best scene of the film


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