The 25th of May

Warning: Silly post by a silly person.

So. Today it’s 6 years since a certain Champions League final, won by a certain Scouse team in a certain unforgettable fashion. It’s also the day I decided that if I was ever going to support a team, it would be this one.

For those who don’t know (hoping there aren’t any), six years ago Liverpool and AC Milan were playing the CL final. I decided to randomly root for LFC, simply because they were from England (i’d later learn they’re not English, they are Scouse : ) ), but as I saw the goal difference go up to 3-0 for the Italians, I thought “that’s it” and decided to go to bed. Fortunately, my eternal sleeping issues came to rescue… I remember lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, hearing the TV in the other room talking about how the Liverpool fans are singing You Never Walk Alone at the top of their voices, despite their team being almost abysmal. And then something happend. And it was 3-1. 3-2. 3-3. And any chance of falling asleep was lost, as I rushed to the TV and watched the rest of the game, the extra-time, the penalty kicks. And the winners got so much more than a shiny golden cup; they proved everyone why one should never give up. Why one should have faith till the end. Why one should be strong no matter what. And why sticking together is so important…
That’s during the penalty shootout. Imagine the pressure. And look at that team spirit. : )
And this is how it ended:

Yes, this is just another one of those things that I’m probably reading too much into. It’s just football, yeah. But you should’ve seen that match, should’ve witnessed how things go the way you SO don’t expect them to go, just because half a dozen people want them to. Want it enough, that is.



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2 responses to “The 25th of May

  1. Grazi

    Meciul care pentru tine a fost revelator, pentru mine, fana AC Milan, a fost ingrozitor. :))
    Dar e dragut ca dai lectii de viata din meciuri de fotbal, cel putin asa multi nu vor mai spune ca e un sport absolut inutil.

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