Day 28

A film that destroys you

I borrowed this film with no expectations whatsoever, simply because I wanted to see something new and I knew its title was that of a 19th century Irish poem which I had read, and liked. It’s now in my top five films ever and it was just pure luck that I picked it up that day.
I’ve spoken about my love for and connection to all things Irish and Scottish on countless occasions, so I’ll skip that part. I’ll just say this film had a huge impact on me, probably greater than any Romanian film on a similar subject could possibly have. I may have finally understood patriotism, the only ‘logical’ form of patriotism, not as this irrational love for your country, god knows why one would have that, but as this irrational love for your dear ones, for your freedom and their freedom.
A film that had me in tears by the end (and that happens very rarely), something beautiful and raw, stripped of all that glitter, and very emotional. Warning: Do not watch it if you’re not into this kind of stuff (i.e. history, Ireland etc.) If you are, though, it’s going to be unforgettable.

No link because I couldn’t find one that I liked.



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2 responses to “Day 28

    • ladyruna

      I thought everyone would find that one very boring and then not watch the film because of it. xD But I loved the scene, yep. : )

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