So it’s a year.

Since Sonisphere. I just felt like remembering it, because it was more than a musical experience. I don’t mean this in an “oh the music touched me so deeeeeply” way, just saying that, as it’s usually the case with festivals, there were so many things happening at the same time. I made at least a new friend then (yay for meaningful talks while strolling the streets after midnight), probably lost one too (yay for being so damn arrogant), but all in all those were two nights to remember as some sort of… landmark. I remember myself (considerably thinner and shorter, I think) as this 16 year old redhead, all cheerful and bouncy and headbangy and not giving a shit that I was basically the one person there happy to see Anathema. I remember James’ breathtaking stage presence, the unknown Metallica song, hell breaking loose during Rammstein, the fuck-man, people fainting, people giving up their place for me, the Big Four pick, someone laughing at my utter lack of voice on the second day… Silly things. Happy times. Waiting for more.


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