At the expense of filling my blog with useless information that no one really wants to read, I decided to keep track of the postcards I send and receive through Postcrossing. I miss finding pretty stuff in my mailbox, just as I miss sending out pretty stuff around the world, so from now on I’m going to take a pretty (so much pretty in this post, god) picture of the respective postcard, and write a few words about it.

I will start with this card, which was actually an adcard from the lovely British library Anthony Frost. I’m sending it to Finland, to someone who loves literature and doesn’t mind adcards. To be honest, I’ve been keeping this since last spring, waiting for a special book lover whom I could post it to. It’s one of my favourites, I believe.

Another address I asked for today was a Netherlands one, and a postcrosser with culinary interests was the perfect choice for a postcard I bought last summer, in Street Delivery. It’s a picture taken by Razvan Voiculescu, entitled “Instant shot with green and silence”, which is part of a beautiful and original collection called The Wandering Kitchen. Yes, postcards are an art. : )

(I love that cat under the chair…)



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2 responses to “PostCrossing

  1. riafvanti

    nice postcard 🙂

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