This week’s PostCrossing – the Bran Castle and Mowgli

This week I sent my first postcard to Spain (and obviously couldn’t miss the chance to profess my undying love for the Spanish national football team) and because the user didn’t have any special requests, I just sent what I thought was a beautiful postcard of the Bran Castle. I forgot to take a picture of it, so what you get is a random photo off google.


I think it’s a terribly underrated place. It was meant to be the centre piece of our touristic strategies a while ago, when someone decided to say it’s Dracula’s castle, which, they say, was actually Vlad Tepes, and other random crap. It’s probably (and unfortunately) still the most famous tourist landscape in Romania. So, just in case you’re foreign and reading this: It’s not Dracula’s castle. Vlad Tepes did not have fangs, nor did he drink blood. He most likely never visited the Bran castle, let alone own it. It’s not even in the part of the country that he ruled. It’s a stupid idea and I think it takes away some of the medieval charm the place has. Go google some pictures and some proper info.

I also received a pretty card from Russia, with a (Russian?) version of the Jungle Book.
I really liked the illustration (being a Disney fan and all), and also enjoyed to find out that in the Russian version, Bagheera is a female. I always thought of it/her that way.


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