Oh, mister H…

You have become terribly commercial. Repetitive, redundant, self-ironic in a way no one wishes to be. Pretty much devoid of any new ideas, themes, artistical concerns. Painfully infatuated, overconfident, self-righteous.

But then, sometimes, it clicks. And it does so in the most amazing, ineffably beautiful of ways.



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2 responses to “Oh, mister H…

  1. I was nodding along, but then the second paragraph kicked in.

    • ladyruna

      Haha, have you heard the new album? It’s got these really generic, uninspired, wannabe-metal, i’ve-heard-them-hundreds-of-times-before parts. But then there’s a handful of songs which are far, far better than anything on DPP and, in my humble opinion, far, far better than 90% of their discography.

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