This is an incomplete list of the things I wish to do after the 9th of December, that is, when my life will supposedly get better all of a sudden. Feel free to ignore it, nothing interesting here, I’m just trying to put my thoughts in a neat format and can’t be bothered to grab a pencil and a piece of paper.

* Go shopping in London, get Nightwish’s Imaginaerum, Anathema’s Silent Enigma, a black Liverpool hoodie, ALL THE BOOKS, Cadbury chocolate, pretty postcards, Disney stuff, whatever else;
* Read Gerrard’s autobiography
* Read La Morte D’Arthur
* Read Quignard, Transtromer, Neruda, Fitzgerald, Kafka, Kundera, Blaga, Whitman, Robbe-Grillet, Thoreau, Jordan
* Watch every. single. Liverpool match. TWICE, if possible.
* See Leafblade live. Alternative 4 too, if possible.
* Study for and sit the IELTS test
* Discover a way of being more ambitious
* Spend a lovely Christmas
* And New Year’s
* Write that terribly cheesy thing
* Tighten the loose knots in the song I’m trying to compose
* Get new haircut (speaking of knots)
* Get drunk once
* Learn how to quit Facebook
* Start writing on another blog
* Postcross. Postcross. Postcross.
* Watch LotR again
* Watch A game of thrones

Will be edited. 🙂


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