Parallels 1 – The Hungarian Rhapsody No 2

Where have all the posts gone?
Not that anyone wonders about that, but I do feel that tiny bit of responsibility, after the years my blog and I have spent together. 🙂 Well, it’s rather simple – I have some exams coming up in about a month, and it has just become a tad bit difficult to find the time and mood to put together a decent post. There is, however, something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is a series of (absolutely random) posts about similarities and connections, intentional or not, that I find in films, music, books etc. Rather than discuss these, I’ll just mention them and hopefully allow the two readers to read into the post as much as they want to.

A rather famous one to start with – The Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.

Mickey Mouse – The Opry House, 1929

Bugs Bunny – Rhapsody Rabbit, 1946
Can’t embed, so clicky. Gotta love the bit of old ultraviolence at 1:08. 🙂

Tom and Jerry – The Cat Concerto, 1946


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