See your eyes

The words are not what they seem they are smugglers of unknown lusts
They have set sail they have entered your veins
See your eyes now
The world that was yesterday drowned in your eyes
Now the visible is a vessel filled with new tensions
To be poured out into you
You must go with the birds on their reckless journeys
Across the forbidden territory
Respond to your touch like human skin

To your dreams
Where your soliloquies are conversations with a stranger
Where your hand moves and they are embers, seeds
Remaining there under your hand behind your back in the rooms of waking
And your deeds are terrible fruit to be plucked and forgotten
As the light
Finally enters you and only the outline remains
Around the void

The waterways of night
Great rivers canals to your heart
The enemy vessels are approaching
You have waited for them, the fires are flaring on the shore
The ports will welcome them, no one remembered to close the gates
Of the forts
Jubilant pennants still streaming in the square

And in the end
When all stand naked
Who is a stranger whom do you know in the multitude
You lose yourself
Look for yourself in the nearest embrace or pain or consolation at hand
Which is
You hunt among words
Your enemies.

Poem by Pentti Holappa, translated from Finnish by Anselm Hollo. Taken from ADAM International Review.


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